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The Lane Bryant credit card, issued by Comenity Bank, is a great way to finance purchases at Lane Bryant stores and However, like any credit card, it’s important to make your payments on time and in full each month if possible. This article will explain the different ways you can pay your Lane Bryant credit card bill.

Online Payments

The easiest way to pay your Lane Bryant credit card bill is online. Simply login to your account at ↗ and make a one-time payment or set up recurring automatic payments.

To login:

  • Go to ↗
  • Enter your username and password and click “Login”
  • From your account dashboard, click “Make a Payment”

You can pay with a checking account, savings account, PayPal, or another credit card. There are no fees for making online payments


Go to :

For one-time payments, simply enter the payment amount and submit. The payment will be immediately applied to your account.

Recurring Payments

You can set up automatic monthly payments for either the minimum payment, a fixed amount, or full balance. Just check the box for “Make this a recurring payment” and enter the payment details. The payments will automatically be deducted from your chosen account each month.

Pay By Phone

You can make a payment over the phone by calling 1-800-888-4163 (TDD/TTY 1-800-695-1788). This automated system is available 24/7. You will need:

  • Your account number
  • Bank account number and routing number

There is no fee for using the automated phone payment system.

Pay By Mail

If you prefer, you can mail your payment to:

Comenity-Lane Bryant
PO Box 650972
Dallas, TX 75265-0972

Be sure to include your payment coupon from your monthly statement. Allow 5-7 days for mail delivery time.

Pay at Store Locations

Many Lane Bryant locations allow you to make credit card payments in person. Visit the customer service desk and they can process your payment.

You will need to provide:

  • Lane Bryant credit card
  • Payment amount
  • Form of payment (cash, check, debit/credit card)

Store locations can only accept payments up to $500 per transaction.

Late/Missed Payments

A late payment fee may be assessed if the minimum payment due is not received by the payment due date on your monthly billing statement.

The late fee amount depends on how late your past payments have been:

  • For a first late payment within the last 6 billing periods, you may be charged a $30 late fee.
  • For any late payments after the first within the last 6 periods, the late fee is $41.

In addition to the late fee, making a late payment can also result in interest charges being applied retroactively. If you pay late, interest may be charged on any purchases listed on your statement from their transaction dates until your account is paid in full.

Both late payment fees up to $41 and retroactive interest charges could be assessed if your payment is received after the due date listed on your billing statement. Making your payment on time each month is important to avoid these additional fees and interest charges.

Payment Plan Options

If you are struggling to make payments, Comenity Bank offers options like hardship programs and settlement offers to help. Contact their customer service to discuss your account and financial situation.

Some available programs include:

  • Hardship program – Make reduced monthly payments based on a percentage of your balance for 6 months.
  • Settlement offer – Pay a lump sum that is less than your balance to settle your account. The remaining balance is forgiven.
  • Minimum payment plan – Make the minimum monthly payment over an extended period until the balance is paid.

Ways to Avoid Late Payments

Here are some tips to avoid making late payments on your Lane Bryant card:

  • Set up automatic payments so your bill gets paid on time each month
  • Update your billing address if you move so you continue receiving statements
  • Sign up for email reminders to get an alert when your bill is ready
  • Use your bank’s online bill pay to schedule payments
  • Pay your bill as soon as you receive your statement to avoid forgetting
  • Set a monthly reminder on your phone, calendar or budgeting app
  • If you can’t make the full payment, pay as much as possible to reduce late fees
  • Contact customer service if you’re dealing with financial hardship to change your due date or create a payment plan

Staying on top of your monthly payments is the easiest way to avoid penalties and keep your credit score in good standing.

Other Payment Tips and Information

  • Your payment due date is the same each month, so mark it on your calendar. It’s typically around 3 weeks after the statement closing date.
  • Payment amounts that exceed your balance will be applied as a credit to your account for future transactions unless you request a refund.
  • You can make multiple partial payments during the month as long as your balance is paid in full by the due date.
  • Payments made Monday – Friday by 5pm ET will be applied same day. Weekend or holiday payments are applied the next business day.
  • It takes 1-2 billing cycles for automatic payments to take effect after setting them up. Continue making manual payments until then.
  • If making a payment by mail, allow 7-10 days for it to be received and credited to your account.

Paying your Lane Bryant credit card bill doesn’t have to be difficult if you use one of the convenient payment options. Set up automatic payments or pay online each month to simplify the process. Just be sure to monitor your account activity closely and reach out for assistance if you ever have trouble making a payment.

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