How to Get Your Temporary Torrid Credit Card Number



If you’ve recently applied and been approved for a Torrid credit card in-store, you received a temporary card number printed on your receipt. This allows you to enjoy your new Torrid card benefits right away, before your physical card arrives in 7-10 business days.

The temporary card number can be used for purchases only at Torrid stores. Here’s what you need to know about finding and using your temporary Torrid credit information.

Receiving a Temporary Card In-Store

When you apply and instantly get approved for a Torrid credit card at a retail location, the cashier will provide a receipt displaying your new temporary card details. This includes:

  • 16-digit Temporary Card Number
  • Expiration Date (MM/YY format)
  • 3-digit CVV Security Code

This temporary number acts as your Torrid card for making purchases at Torrid until your permanent plastic card is received in the mail.

Checking Your Receipt for Temporary Card Details

Your temporary Torrid card information will be printed on the receipt after approval. Here’s where to find each piece of info:

  • Card Number: Listed under “Temporary Card Number”. This 16-digit number works like your permanent card number.
  • Expiration Date: Printed under “Expiration Date” as MM/YY (e.g. 06/25).
  • CVV: Found under “Security Code”. This is the 3-digit code on back of cards.

Review your receipt closely – all temporary card details are labeled. Take a photo or make a copy for reference.

Activating Your Temporary Torrid Credit Card

Before using your temporary card number, you need to activate it by calling the number on your receipt. Activation takes 5-10 minutes.

To activate:

  • Call the activation phone number printed on the receipt.
  • When prompted, enter your new temporary card number.
  • Follow instructions to set your card PIN number.

Once activation is complete, you can use your temporary card at any Torrid store location.

Using Your Temporary Torrid Credit Card In-Store

Your temporary Torrid card can only be used for purchases at Torrid retail locations – it cannot be used online or at other stores.

Here’s how to use it:

  • In Torrid stores: Present your temporary card number when checking out, either by reading it off your receipt or by showing the receipt. The cashier will enter the information.
  • Online at The temporary card cannot be used for online purchases. Wait for your permanent card to arrive before shopping online.
  • Other retailers: The temporary card number only works at Torrid stores, not at other stores.

Your temporary Torrid credit card acts just like your permanent card for in-store transactions. Make sure the expiration date hasn’t passed before use.

Transitioning to Your Permanent Card

Within 7-10 business days, your permanent Torrid credit card will arrive in the mail. This card will display your name and a new account number.

Once you activate the permanent card, it will replace the temporary card number. Update any saved Torrid payment information with your new permanent card details.

While waiting for your permanent plastic card, continue enjoying Torrid credit benefits in-store with the temporary card number provided at approval.

Getting Help with Your Temporary Card

If you have any issues accessing or using your temporary Torrid credit card number in-store, contact customer service for help:

  • Call 1.866.867.7431 (U.S.)
  • Visit a Torrid retail location and talk to an associate
  • Chat with a support agent online at

The temporary card gives you instant access to Torrid credit so you can start earning rewards immediately with in-store purchases. Use this guide to seamlessly use your temporary number and transition to your permanent card when it arrives!

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