How to Claim Free Discord Nitro Without a Credit Card



Discord Nitro is Discord’s premium subscription service that unlocks various cosmetic features and boosts for your account. It typically costs $9.99 per month, but Discord often offers free trials and gift codes for Nitro as promotions.

The catch is that redeeming these free Nitro codes typically requires you to enter credit card information, even though you are not being charged initially. This deters many people, especially younger users, from redeeming their free Nitro.

Fortunately, there are a few legit methods to get around this limitation and claim your free Nitro without needing a credit card or other payment info.

Why Does Discord Ask for Payment Info for Free Nitro?

When Discord offers free Nitro through promotions, they require you to enter payment information to redeem for a couple reasons:

  • To reduce fraud/abuse: Requiring a valid payment method prevents people from continuously creating new accounts to get unlimited free trials.

  • To increase conversions: Discord knows a percentage of users will forget to cancel and get charged when the free trial ends. This converts some “free” users into paid subscribers.

  • To enable recurring billing: Your payment info is saved so Discord can automatically charge you monthly after the free period. You have to manually cancel to avoid being charged.

So in short, it’s a tactic to reduce losses from the free promos, while still capturing some revenue from forgetful users. Still, there are ways around it if you’re diligent.

Legit Methods to Get Free Nitro Without a Credit Card

Here are a few legitimate methods you can use to redeem free Discord Nitro codes without needing to enter any real payment information:

1. Use a Virtual Credit Card Service

There are services like that let you generate virtual credit card numbers tied to your account. You can create a virtual card with no balance and use the card details to redeem your free Nitro.

Since the virtual card has no money on it, Discord won’t be able to charge you when the trial ends. Just remember to cancel the Nitro subscription manually before it ends.

2. Use a Disposable Virtual Card

Some banks provide disposable/temporary virtual card numbers you can use for free trials. These work the same as virtual card services. You can enter the card details to claim the free Nitro without risk of being charged later.

3. Cancel Immediately After Redeeming

If you have a real credit card or PayPal account, you can use it to redeem the free Nitro trial, and then immediately go into your Discord account settings and cancel the subscription.

As long as you cancel right after redeeming, you’ll still get the full free trial length, but won’t be charged when it ends. Just be sure to cancel before the trial end date.

4. Claim With a Friend’s Card, Then Cancel

If you have a friend or family member who doesn’t mind, you can redeem your free Nitro using their payment information, then immediately cancel the subscription so they don’t get charged.

Obviously make sure you have their permission first before entering their card details. And again, cancel as soon as you redeem to avoid surprises.

5. Use “Gift Nitro” if Available

Sometimes free Nitro offers come in the form of a “Gift Nitro” code rather than a trial code. Gift codes do not require entering payment info, so you can directly redeem them without a credit card.

What to Keep in Mind When Redeeming Free Nitro

Here are some things to keep in mind when trying to get free Discord Nitro without a credit card:

  • Cancel before the trial ends – Set a reminder so you don’t forget and avoid surprise charges!

  • Remove saved payment methods – Go into Discord settings and remove any payment methods saved after redeeming.

  • Don’t abuse multiple accounts – Trying to get unlimited trials via alts may get you banned.

  • Check Nitro gift terms – Some gift codes may have limits or restrictions.

  • Contact support if issues – If you run into trouble redeeming, Discord support may be able to help.

  • Enjoy your free Nitro! – You earned it, now go use those sweet emojis and profile badges!


Hopefully these tips will allow you to redeem that free Discord Nitro code without needing access to a credit card or other payment method immediately. The key things to remember are canceling immediately, removing saved payment details, and not abusing multiple accounts.

Be aware Discord may change its policies in the future to close some of these loopholes. But for now they provide a way for anyone to enjoy Discord Nitro’s benefits during free trial periods. Just be conscientious in how you use them.

Enjoy your boosted emojis, larger file uploads, and higher quality screen sharing! Nitro can really enhance the Discord experience.

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