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Have you ever noticed a charge on your credit card statement from ECHST.NET and wondered what it was for? You’re not alone. ECHST.NET charges can be confusing, but once you understand what this company does, these charges make more sense.

What is ECHST.NET?

ECHST.NET is an online billing services provider and payment processor. They work with various online merchants and websites to handle payments and billing. So when you make a purchase online, ECHST.NET is often the company processing that transaction in the background.

Some key facts about ECHST.NET:

  • Established in 2005
  • Based in Seattle, Washington
  • Processes payments for digital goods and online services
  • Specializes in high-definition video and image content

If you see a charge from ECHST.NET on your credit card statement, it simply means you purchased something online and the payment was processed through their system. The charge itself would have originated from the actual online merchant you bought from.

Common Questions About ECHST.NET Charges

If you don’t recognize an ECHST.NET charge on your statement, you probably have some questions. Here are answers to some of the most frequently asked questions:

What types of purchases lead to ECHST.NET charges?

ECHST.NET processes payments for a wide variety of digital goods and online services. Some examples include:

  • Streaming media sites (for movies, TV shows, music, etc.)
  • Online gaming services and virtual goods
  • Adult entertainment sites and webcams
  • Stock photo, font, and design asset sites
  • Electronic books and online courses
  • Software downloads and apps

So if you’ve purchased anything like this online recently, there’s a good chance ECHST.NET handled the payment in the background.

How can I get details about a specific charge?

If you want more details about a particular ECHST.NET charge on your statement, you can:

  • Call their customer support at 1-866-452-5108
  • Start a live chat session on their website
  • Email them at [email protected]

Their customer service team can look up your transaction details and provide information on the specific merchant and product related to the charge.

I don’t recognize the charge. Is it fraud?

Just because you don’t recognize an ECHST.NET charge doesn’t necessarily mean it’s fraudulent. Here are some possible explanations:

  • A family member used your card to make a purchase
  • You signed up for a free trial that converted to a paid subscription
  • You made the purchase while intoxicated and simply don’t remember
  • It’s an old recurring charge you forgot about or didn’t cancel

Before assuming fraud, see if ECHST.NET’s customer support can provide the merchant details. You can also check your email inbox for receipts related to the charge.

How can I cancel or get a refund for an ECHST.NET charge?

To cancel a subscription or request a refund for an ECHST.NET charge, you’ll need to contact the actual merchant who initiated the charge. ECHST.NET simply processes the payments, so the merchant themselves will handle cancellation and refund policies.

ECHST.NET’s customer service may be able to provide merchant contact details related to a particular charge. You can also search your email inbox for receipts which typically include merchant info.

Is ECHST.NET a legitimate company?

Yes, ECHST.NET is a legitimate online payment processor. They are an established company based in the United States. ECHST.NET charges are not fraudulent or scams, presuming they match legitimate purchases you or a family member made.

ECHST.NET handles payment processing securely and complies with all industry regulations. If you have any doubts, you can contact their customer support team to verify charge details.

Tips for Identifying ECHST.NET Charges

Here are some tips to help identify ECHST.NET charges when reviewing your credit card statements:

  • The company name in the charge description will typically show as just “ECHST.NET” or “ECHST.NET INC”

  • The charge amount will usually be a round dollar amount like $19.95 or $29.99.

  • Look for charges from Seattle, Washington where the company is located.

  • Check the transaction date against any online purchases you made recently.

  • If the charge seems unfamiliar, contact ECHST.NET support for details.

  • Search your email for receipts from around the same transaction date.

Is ECHST.NET Secure?

When your credit card number passes through multiple companies during online transactions, it’s normal to have some security concerns. Here’s how ECHST.NET keeps your payment information safe:

  • SSL encryption – Your payment details are encrypted using SSL when transmitted.

  • PCI compliance – ECHST.NET complies with stringent PCI Data Security Standards.

  • Secure data centers – Your financial data is stored in secure facilities with restricted physical access.

  • Fraud monitoring – ECHST.NET uses fraud detection tools to watch for suspicious activity.

  • Chargeback support – If you experience fraud, you can initiate a chargeback via your credit card provider.

Reputable third-party processors like ECHST.NET provide an extra layer of security between you and the millions of merchants on the internet. They abide by strict security standards to safely handle payments.

What to Do if You See an ECHST.NET Charge

If an unfamiliar ECHST.NET charge appears on your statement, follow these steps:

  • Contact ECHST.NET support to get transaction details. Call 1-866-452-5108 or start a live chat.

  • Check your email for receipts around the charge date and merchant name.

  • Ask family members if they used your card for an online purchase.

  • Review statements to see if the charge recurs regularly. May be an old subscription.

  • Initiate a chargeback if you confirm the charge is fraudulent.

  • Update card details if your number was compromised from an unrelated breach.

With a bit of digging, most ECHST.NET charges can be easily explained. Their customer service team is also available 24/7 if you need transaction details or refund assistance.

The Bottom Line

Seeing unfamiliar credit card charges can be alarming, but ECHST.NET payments are legit as long as they match your online purchases. This billing services company simply handles payment processing in the background for various internet merchants and websites.

Now that you know more about ECHST.NET and their role in online transactions, these charges on your statement should make a lot more sense. Don’t hesitate to contact their helpful support team if you need any additional details or help disputing unrecognized charges.

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