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Pay Your Meternet Bill Online: A Comprehensive Guide

Are you looking for a convenient and secure way to pay your Meternet bill? Look no further! This comprehensive guide will walk you through the simple steps to make your payment online.

Step 1: Visit the Meternet Payment Portal

To begin, click on the following link to access the Meternet payment portal:

Step 2: Log In or Create an Account

If you already have an online account with Meternet, simply enter your login credentials. If you’re a first-time user, click on the “Create a New Account” link and follow the instructions to set up your account.

Step 3: Enter Your Payment Details

Once you’re logged in, you’ll be prompted to enter your payment information. Meternet accepts Visa, MasterCard, and Discover credit cards. You can also pay by electronic check (ACH).

Step 4: Review and Confirm

Before submitting your payment, carefully review the details to ensure accuracy. Once you’re satisfied, click on the “Submit Payment” button.

Step 5: Confirmation

Upon successful payment, you will receive a confirmation message and an email receipt. You can also view your payment history by logging into your online account.

Additional Payment Options

In addition to online payments, Meternet offers the following alternative payment methods:

  • Mail: Send a check or money order to the following address:

PO Box 2830
Fallbrook, CA 92088

  • Phone: Call (760) 728-1295 or (800) 985-1179 to make a payment over the phone.

Convenience Fee

Please note that Meternet charges a convenience fee of $3.50 for online and phone payments. This fee is non-refundable and cannot be waived.

ACH Payments

ACH (Automated Clearing House) payments are a convenient and secure way to make payments directly from your bank account. To set up an ACH account with Meternet, you can fill out the ACH form available on the payment portal.


Q: What is the minimum payment amount?
A: There is no minimum payment amount.

Q: Can I schedule recurring payments?
A: Yes, you can set up automatic payments through your online account.

Q: How can I view my payment history?
A: You can view your payment history by logging into your online account.

Q: What should I do if I have any issues making a payment?
A: If you encounter any difficulties, please contact Meternet customer service at (760) 728-1295 or (800) 985-1179.


Paying your Meternet bill online is a quick, easy, and secure process. By following the steps outlined in this guide, you can make your payment in just a few minutes. Remember that there is a convenience fee for online and phone payments, but you can avoid this fee by setting up an ACH account. If you have any questions or need assistance, please don’t hesitate to contact Meternet customer service.


What is MeterNet bill?


MeterNet has been contracted by your HOA or community management company to provide meter reading and billing services on their behalf. We do not provide utilities to your residence. The funds that we collect from your utility payments belong to the HOA, or complex, to pay for the utilities for your community.

How much does MeterNet charge for credit card payments?


We also accept Visa or MasterCard online or by phone; a $3.50 credit card convenience fee will apply to all credit card payments.

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