How to Find Your PayPal Credit Card Number: A Step-by-Step Guide



PayPal Credit offers a convenient way to finance purchases and manage expenses online. However, PayPal does not display full credit card numbers within your account. This protects against potential fraud.

But there are still ways to retrieve your PayPal Credit card number when needed for transactions or account management. Here is an overview of methods to find your PayPal Credit card number and key tips for keeping it secure.

Why Doesn’t PayPal Show Full Credit Card Numbers?

For security and privacy reasons, PayPal obscures credit card numbers within your account. Here’s why full card numbers are hidden:

  • Prevents card numbers from leaking in case of a data breach.

  • Protects against social engineering attacks to obtain numbers.

  • Reduces risk of fraud if account is hacked with just login info.

  • Follows industry best practices for masking sensitive card data.

Only the last 4 digits are displayed in the PayPal interface. This lets you identify connected cards without exposing the full number.

While inconvenient at times, the added security is beneficial overall. PayPal does provide ways to reveal the full card number when required.

When You May Need Your PayPal Credit Card Number

Here are some examples of when you may need to retrieve your hidden PayPal Credit card number:

  • Updating the card information at subscription services or regular billers.

  • Providing the card number to make a payment by phone or mail.

  • Filling out credit card forms that require the full card number printed on the card.

  • Discussing account details with a customer service representative.

  • Comparing charges or doing account management at the issuing bank.

  • Investigating fraudulent transactions by examining the compromised card number.

Even though it’s not visible in your account, you can access the full card number through other means when required.

How to View Your PayPal Credit Card Number

Here are the main methods to reveal your PayPal Credit card number:

Contact PayPal Customer Service

The easiest way is to contact PayPal’s customer service by phone or online chat. A representative can provide your card number after verifying your identity.

Be prepared to confirm some account details like:

  • Full name on the account
  • Email address
  • Recent transactions
  • Last 4 digits of card

This allows them to securely look up and share your card number.

Credit Card Reporting

You can use PayPal’s reporting tools to generate a credit card report containing your full card numbers.

In your PayPal account, go to Reports > Custom Reports > Credit Cards and request a new report with card number details included. The report may take 1-2 days to generate, after which you can download it.

Checking Statements

If you’ve used your card for purchases, the transactions will appear on your PayPal Credit monthly statements with the full card number displayed.

You can access PDF statements in your PayPal Credit account’s Statements section to find the card number there.

Issuing Bank

As the card provider, Synchrony Bank can also assist you in retrieving your card number if needed. You’ll have to verify your identity with them as well.

This may be an option if you can’t access PayPal services for any reason.

How to Use Virtual Card Numbers for PayPal Purchases

Rather than revealing your actual card number, another option is generating a virtual card number to use for online PayPal checkouts.

PayPal allows creating virtual card numbers through their app or site. Here’s how it works:

  1. In your PayPal account, go to Tools > PayPal Key.

  2. Choose “Create Key” and select your funding source.

  3. You’ll receive a virtual card number and details to use at PayPal merchants.

  4. When checking out, select PayPal then choose “PayPal Key” as the payment option.

  5. Enter the single-use virtual card number provided.

This approach keeps your real card number hidden from merchants while allowing card-funded PayPal payments.

The virtual number works just once, after which you can generate a new key for your next PayPal purchase.

Tips for Keeping Your PayPal Credit Card Number Secure

Once you obtain your card number, here are some tips to keep it safe:

  • Only share when absolutely necessary, such as with account verification.

  • Avoid sending your card number over unencrypted email or text messages.

  • Don’t have your card number written down where it’s accessible.

  • If you no longer use the card, contact PayPal to close the account.

  • Monitor your transactions frequently for any suspicious charges.

  • Never provide your card number to unverified sources or links.

Keeping tight control of your card number access is crucial to avoid potential misuse or fraud.

Can You Update a Card Number on PayPal?

If your PayPal Credit card number changes, such as after a replacement card is issued, you will need to update the card details in your PayPal wallet.

Here is how to update a card number on PayPal:

  1. Sign into your PayPal account and go to Wallet.

  2. Locate the card needing updates and select “Remove”.

  3. After removing the old card, choose “Link a card”.

  4. Enter your new card number and details.

  5. Confirm the updated card via one-time passcode.

Once updated, the new card number will be tokenized in your PayPal account for future transactions. Be sure to also update the number anywhere else you used the old card.

Alternatives to Requiring Your PayPal Card Number

Instead of revealing your card number, there may be alternatives for certain situations:

  • For subscriptions, update the payment method on file directly with the merchant.

  • To pay a bill, see if the company accepts PayPal instead of requiring the card number.

  • Use a different funding source like a bank account or PayPal balance for transactions.

  • Generate a virtual card number to give out instead, keeping your real number hidden.

Evaluating alternatives that don’t require exposing your actual card number can help maintain security. Only retrieve it as a last resort.

Pros of Getting Your PayPal Credit Card Number

  • Lets you fully manage account details with the card issuer.

  • Provides card number to merchants that require it for payments.

  • Gives you the information in case of fraud or unauthorized transactions.

  • Allows updating recurring billers or subscription services.

  • Can be used to meet credit card verification requests as needed.

There are valid reasons you may need to access your hidden PayPal card number on occasion.

Cons of Getting Your PayPal Credit Card Number

  • Increases risk of number leakage through social engineering or security breaches.

  • Exposes card number unnecessarily if alternatives available for payments.

  • Requires trusting third-parties with sensitive card data.

  • More prone to fraudulent use if card number is compromised.

  • Goes against best practices of only displaying masked card numbers.

Whenever possible, it’s best to avoid revealing your full card number to limit security risks.

Frequently Asked Questions

Why does PayPal only show the last 4 digits?

PayPal masks the card number to protect your account security. This prevents the full card data from being accessible in case of a data breach.

Can I see my card number on the PayPal mobile app?

No, for security reasons the PayPal mobile app also only displays the last 4 digits of your card number.

Where can I get my full PayPal card number without contacting support?

One option is generating a credit card report in your PayPal account, which contains the full unmasked card numbers. You can also check your monthly statements.

What should I do if I think someone else has accessed my card number?

Contact PayPal immediately to report unauthorized access. You can request a card replacement and update security measures on your account. Monitor your transactions closely for fraudulent charges.

Is it safe to provide my card number to PayPal customer service?

Yes, PayPal agents are authorized to retrieve your card number after verifying your identity and account ownership. Do not share your number with any unverified sources.

The Bottom Line

While PayPal keeps credit card numbers hidden in your account, you can securely access the full number when absolutely necessary through customer service, statements, and reporting tools. Evaluate alternatives before revealing it, and take precautions to keep your card number safe once retrieved.

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