Travel Merchant Services

The high-risk industry is truly a form of risk management and merchants will find the most knowledgeable and connected manager to be Deft Payment Systems. We are unique in that we are experienced in supporting credit card processing for both low-risk companies and those that are considered high-risk. High-risk businesses do not just deserve more attention and knowledge, they demand it. We are passionate about current trends and focused on relationship building in order to gain a competitive edge. We have taken the time to understand how businesses work so that the bank will feel comfortable with doing our merchant’s processing. For example, when working with a Travel Merchant Account, we are sure to gather the information a banking partner will need before bringing their application. We have built relationships with numerous banks and processors over the years which allows us the freedom to pair the right business owners with just the right accounts. We pride ourselves on keeping up to date on industry trends and shifts. We also know that credit card processing is not a one-size-fits all industry. Whether it be travel agents, cruise lines, vacation rentals, or tour operators, we recognize that what works for one Travel Merchant Account may not work for another. At Deft, we are able to find solutions tailored to your company’s specifications that will meet your individual needs.