Timeshare Merchant Accounts

Deft Payment Systems is unique in that we are experienced in supporting credit card processing for both traditional low-risk companies and also those that are considered high-risk. High-risk businesses do not just deserve more attention and knowledge, they demand it. This industry is not the same as simply learning about interchange, obtaining a few POS terminals, and then attempting to undercut another company’s pricing. One of the main reasons that a business is labeled as “high-risk” is due to it having a higher rate of chargebacks or disputes. When dealing with a Timeshare Merchant Account for example, a skilled agent will know that chargeback mitigation is important and have experience working with companies that reduce such occurrences. Of course, all chargebacks are not completely avoidable but you want to deal with a person who knows how to diminish them considerably, retain sales, and help dispute fraud. Deft understands the Timeshare Merchant business and we are very well-informed about the guidelines of the different processors and familiar with their changing habits and preferences. When high-risk companies work with experienced Deft agents, they are collaborating with professionals who have taken the time to understand how their business works so that banks feel comfortable doing the processing and merchants know they are in capable hands.